Refund Policy

Refunds can be requested by emailing and stating the reasons why one is sought. Following a purchase, refunds will be at our sole discretion.

In situations where we deem that a refund is warranted, we reserve the right to deduct such amounts as we view are reasonable to cover the costs of our administration and any other incidental costs incurred. Such costs could be, but are not limited to, credit card charges on the initial purchase, chargeback fees and refund and costs of correspondence relating to the cancellation costs.

In situations where a refund is requested for a company formation which has been submitted for incorporation on our system, the client’s acceptance fee for a due diligence process will be deducted. The amount of such a deduction will be EUR 250.

No refunds are given after an order has been processed, i.e. a company is registered at the commercial register. Any actions relating to an unwanted company will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser and costs incurred in dissolving, reselling or amending any details relating to such a company will be borne by the purchaser in their entirety.

Furthermore, also the general Terms and Conditions of Service Provision with regard to our KYC (know-your-client) procedure and the contract termination apply:

The use of part of a purchased service will not entitle the buyer to a partial refund of any unused portion. Such services could include, but are not limited to registered offices and nominees.

Amendments to an order

Where a purchaser request that an amendment be made to their original order, it is at our discretion whether such a change is granted. In situations where we agree to make such an alteration, we reserve the right to treat the amendment as a cancellation and separate purchase and charge fees in line with our refund policy.

We are under no obligation to satisfy a request to amend an order once is has been placed and the purchase has occurred.

If an order or part thereof is not executed in full within 2 month from the date of purchase, the transaction will be deemed as no longer and monies paid will be forfeited.