Best Price Guarantee

How it works

  • Submit your order through our website.
  • If you find a qualifying lower price for the same service within 24 hours after submitting your order, and if we verify your claim, we will honor the lower price AND take an additional 20% off the price of your ordered services.

Qualifying lower prices

  • A qualifying lower price is a lower price you find on a company online formation platform in Estonia for the same services that you ordered through our website (
  • The Best Price Guarantee applies only to identical services. Services must meet the exact match comparison criteria. Comparison of services and service prices must be advertised and available to the general public.

Submitting a claim

  • You must notify us within twenty-four (24) hours after purchase to make a claim under the Best Price Guarantee.
  • You will need to provide the details and proof of the lower price.

Claim review

  • We will try to independently validate your claim within 24 hours after you submit it with all required details. Price comparisons will be made net of taxes, state and notary fees, or other third party fees and charges.
  • We may deny claims if the percentage difference between the price ordered through our website and the qualifying lower price is 1% or less.
  • We may deny claims if we believe that the Best Price Guarantee is being intentionally abused or manipulated to circumvent its intent.

If we verify your claim

  • If we verify the availability and eligibility of the qualifying lower price, we’ll match the qualifying lower price PLUS give you 20% off the service price for the entire order, and we will process a refund to your credit card.
  • You must purchase services from our website first to be eligible for the refund.